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Vote Now to Get Shad to IronMan

On Oct. 13, 2012, the Ironman World Championship will be held in Kona, Hawaii, and dialysis patient Shad Ireland needs your help to be a part of the triathlon.

Kasia Michalik

Video of Lab-Grown, Kidney Amazes

Change. Without it we would still be riding a horse and carriage, looking for the nearest payphone, and e-mails would be called a telegram.

Through an Expert's Eyes

Engage Yourself Whistle While You Work

On my side of the world it's cold outside. Really cold. I realize that there are folks who actually pray for cold, snow and ice and celebrate with endless hours of fun in it. I’m pretty certain that I don’t know any of those people personally. And I’m positive that I’m not related to any of them. After all, I consider myself to be the queen of comfort. I’m all about cozy, and I encourage others to do the same, but even I can broaden my perspective.