Bridge of Life DaVita Medical Missions


In 2007, DaVita CEO Kent Thiry gave a presentation at a Harvard Business School event and the mentioned Bridge of Life—DaVita Medical Missions (BOL) and its work to help provide dialysis care to underserved populations around the world. Afterwards, MBA student Sachin Jain told Thiry about the medical work his family was doing in India. They had opened a hospital for the poor in their community and said there was a real need for dialysis there. Therefore, Thiry put Jain in contact with BOL executive director Ginny Mello, starting a partnership with his aunt and uncle in India.

The nonprofit Bridge of Life operates separately from dialysis provider DaVita. It has its own board of directors. Although BOL is not funded by DaVita—most of the money comes through donations made by individuals and vendors—the two organizations have a partnership that allows BOL to access DaVita employees for support missions.

BOL recognized the hospital the Jain family and the International Human Benefit Services Trust had recently opened was in need of renal care and decided to help open two clinics in the Rajasthan region in northwest India to provide dialysis access to the underserved Indian population there. One clinic would be in the city of Jodhpur, the other in the small village of Phalodi.

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