New Software Designed to Aid CKD Clinics


To help physicians organize their clinical practices, Nationwide Laboratory Services will be releasing Web-based software in the last quarter of 2009 that will allow them to query CKD specific reports and perform quality-assurance checks on their patients’ individually and as a group.

“It’s been proven that timely referral of CKD patients to a nephrologist dramatically improves patient care—and cost,” said Sean Martin, executive vice president of sales & marketing for Nationwide. “We also know that the CKD population is burgeoning while the number of nephrologists remains stagnant. It’s reasonable to suggest than that newer technologies are needed to facilitate nephrologists efficiently, effectively caring for this rapidly growing, and increasingly sophisticated, patient population.”

For example, automatic reports can be set up (per doctor) that identify any and all patients that cross their defined “clinical thresholds,” according to Martin. “At what eGFR do they refer for a dietary consult? RRT education? Access placement? Nationwide Laboratory Services CKD software empowers nephrologists’ to deploy a ‘clinical pathway management’ strategy complete with QA checks to ensure each of their patients is receiving timely nephrological clinical interventions,” Martin said.

For the services, Nationwide provides all the capital equipment and supplies needed to draw, prepare and package specimens, said Martin. Arrangements to may be made to facilitate the provision of phlebotomy services for their patients.

The following are some of the reports the Nationwide CKD software provides.

Clinical Pathway Management Reports: Capable of tracking nephrological interventions per patient in a single report, sorted by eGFR.

eGFR Reports: Sorts patients by eGFR stage, or sub-stage, based on user commands.

Disease Management Reports: Simplifies ESA or other Rx titrations, and associated reimbursement.

Patient Nutritional Reports: Provides patient specific dietary education based on their most recent laboratory outcomes. Patients can take it home and share it with the family.

Cumulative Reports: Multiple draw data in formats customized per doctor.

Dialysis Patient Census Predictor Report: Provides advanced notice to dialysis clinics to ensure clinic is planning for unique patient needs, including insurance.

Automatic faxing of laboratory reports to all other following doctors.

“The overall practice reports that empower MDs to track and sort their patients by eGFR and other critical CKD laboratory data have been very helpful in providing assurances to the practice MDs that their patients are in fact getting timely nephrological interventions,” Martin said. “Most have experienced a sense of relief that they can now document and QA themselves to ensure no patient falls through the cracks.”

Nationwide will continually update the software, and physicians will be able to provide feedback on how to make the program better. “We look forward to using and sharing this unique tool with the nephrology community to support the study and clinical advancement of CKD care provided to America’s rapidly growing CKD population,” Martin said. RBT

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