Patient Education from the Patient Perspective

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Facility Staff Must Be Well Educated

In order for dialysis facilities to properly educate patients, the facility staff themselves must be properly educated. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I cannot stress enough the importance of having staff members who have the proper knowledge and are ready and willing to engage with patients. Having poorly educated staff can confuse, discourage and even mislead those who need the information the most.

Well-educated staff also extends beyond social workers and nurses. Dialysis technicians often have the most direct contact with patients on the floor during treatment. If every technician were armed with the information necessary to answer patient questions and engage in discussion, they would be able to help individuals along with their educational journey.

When it comes to staff engagement and involvement, it is also critical for facilities to understand patient backgrounds and work with individuals to maximize time and effort. Some patients may require more time and additional follow up before they fully understand the complexities of dialysis and treatments. Approaching these individuals with patience and tolerance can go a long way, as well as understanding that constant reinforcement may be needed before full compliance is reached.

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