Going Green? Why Virtual Office Solutions Are Your Ticket to a Paperless Workplace

We all know how important sustainable practices are, whether you are running a family home or building a new business. While the steps that many of us take each day are small, they make a big contribution when we all contribute. This applies particularly to the corporate world, which accounts for an enormous amount of paper-based waste.

The good news is that many industries are committed to solving this problem. With the support of sophisticated digital software, automation technology, and flexible workspaces, it is possible to reduce your dependence on paper. For startups and smaller ventures, virtual facilities provide an office space solution which is adaptable, agile, and increasingly green.

Keep reading to find out more about virtual office solutions in Australia and how they can help your startup to go paperless.

What You Need to Go Paperless

To eliminate paper waste or at least significantly reduce it, you need a robust and reliable computer network. It is a legal requirement, in terms of data security and accountability. The rules of corporate auditing, for example, mean that you absolutely do need to keep records, even if they are in a digital form.

In Australia, businesses must keep their accounting documents for five years. It is not a problem if you use cutting edge cloud technology or keep a separate storage system at home, where your documents are protected and secure. You never have to worry about data safety when working from a virtual facility, because you only bring what you need each time.

Why Virtual Equals Sustainable

Working from a shared space eliminates the need for a full office infrastructure. It is a better option for smaller companies and entrepreneurs, but even larger businesses can benefit if they want to streamline individual departments. It also frees up resources. Working exclusively online (with IM tools and email) means that you do not have to collect and organise mail.

It is also a much faster way to operate, particularly when it comes to invoicing. In fact, even businesses that do not work from virtual offices are now investing in fully digital systems. ERP software is reliable, reduces errors, and payments to suppliers are made faster. Going paperless ensures that all data can be found in one, secure location.

Agile Offices with Flexible Options

No two virtual facilities are the same. The range of services on offer depends on the site and the type of provider. So, it is worth exploring the different options available at a virtual workspace near you. If you do not want to go completely paperless, you can combine digital work with a mailing service or swap postal communications for faxes.

Don’t forget that virtual offices are, by their very nature, a far more sustainable way to work than conventional offices. The facilities are shared by multiple tenants who would otherwise be operating out of individual workspaces, each with its own carbon footprint. Plus, remote teams are very green. Even one or two remote days per week saves a company a substantial amount of money on utility and transportation costs.

Why It Is Worth Investing in a Sustainable Future

Virtual office solutions are living proof that sustainability does not have to mean a compromise on profitability. These fully equipped, modern workspaces provide everything that businesses need to operate smoothly, but the environmental impact is low because the tools shared.

Similarly, the cost is shared too, which makes them a very affordable option, especially for young ventures and speculative start-ups. The future of the corporate world is keenly focused on sustainability, so why not get on board and reap the benefits of being a trailblazer?






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