NephroGenex acquires rights to diabetic nephropathy drug


CARY, N.C.—NephroGenex has acquired the commercial rights to the diabetic nephropathy drug Pyridorin after it signed a licensing agreement May 10 with BioStratum Inc.

NephroGenex, which develops kidney disease treatments using molecular profiling, also announced the completion of a licensing agreement with Vanderbilt University covering Pyridorin's use as a treatment for acute renal failure.

Financial details were not disclosed for wither deal.

Pyridorin has been evaluated in two phase 2 clinical trials demonstrating in both a significant treatment effect in slowing down diabetic nephropathy. NephroGenex said it is recruiting diabetic nephropathy patients for phase 3 trials of the compound. The company also plans to initiate phase 2a and 2b trials of Pyridorin for acute renal failure. 

Under the agreement with BioStratum, NephroGenex also obtained second-generation compounds, including BST 605, which has completed preclinical efficacy and toxicity studies and has shown  improved potency over Pyridorin.

As a result of the deal, NephroGenex has commercial rights to advances by Vanderbilt researchers that demonstrate Pyridorin can scavenge reactive oxygen species and toxic carbonyl compounds that might contribute to high mortality rates seen in kidney failure patients.

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