Renaissance lands New York CKD demo project


LEXINGTON, Mass.--The New York health department has awarded Renaissance Health Care Inc. with a demonstration project to study the disease management of chronic kidney disease, Renaissance said today.

Renaissance will receive $542,800 from the New York State Health Department for the project, according to the health agency. The CKD project will focus on Medicaid fee-for-service patients in the western region of the state.

The Renaissance grant is part of a larger $6.5 million grant by the N.Y. health agency to "help address the complex healthcare needs of Medicaid recipients with chronic illness."

The disease management company is a subsidiary of dialysis provider Fresenius Medical Care. Renaissance became the world's largest CKD management company after Fresenius merged Optimal Renal Care Inc. with Renaissance in January.

In addition to renal kidney failure, the overall project will look into new disease and care management approaches in heart disease, mental health and diabetes.

The health department said one of the primary goals of the demonstration project is to promote the doctor-patient relationship so that patients can have a better understanding of their disease and treatment options.

Renaissance spokesman David Tigue told Renal Business Today that the project will also look into the overall effectiveness of the quality of care as well as the overall costs of the programs.

Patient participation in the studies is voluntary. Each program will be evaluated by the New York State Health Department to determine how well each of the disease management programs worked, the health agency said.

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