Medical Education Institute Releases Free CKD Education Toolkit


MADISON, Wisc.—The nonprofit Medical Education Institute has released a  new, free, six-part chronic kidney disease (CKD) education toolkit called “How to Have a Good Future with Kidney Disease.”

The toolkit includes six ready-to-use PowerPoint presentations: Coming to Terms, Kidneys & Kidney Disease, Slowing Kidney Disease, Transplant, Dialysis & Your Lifestyle, and  Your Money & Your Life. It also includes speaker's scripts, learning objectives, quizzes and answer keys, and a how-to guide.

The toolkit contains everything needed to provide quality patient education to people with CKD (stage 3 to end-stage). Download the toolkit in Mac or PC format at

"We want people with CKD to learn how to live as long and as fully as they can," said MEI Executive Director Dori Schatell. "We created this series to help all interested healthcare providers teach their CKD patients." Content in the How to Have a Good Future series is consistent with MIPPA requirements, and the slides can also be used for stages 3 or 5 CKD or by non-MIPPA providers, either one-on-one or in groups.

 To qualify for MIPPA reimbursement, CKD education must be provided by a qualified educator (physician, physician assistant, clinical nurse specialist, or nurse practitioner), in an appropriate setting, and delivered to patients with a GFR of 15-29 (Stage 4 CKD) who have been referred by a physician.

No outside funding was used to develop the toolkits, according to MEI.

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