RBT+ to Debut in December


PHOENIX—RBT+, a thematic digital magazine created by the Renal Business Today team, will launch its first issue in December.

Staying up-to-date with the right content is more important than ever. Like many people, nephrologists, nurses and administrators working in dialysis continue to access content electronically, whether it is on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Content consumption varies across these devices; for example, smartphones are for people on the go and tablets provide a more magazine-like experience.

To meet this challenge, Renal Business Today has focused on new ways to provide content that better suit readers’ needs across multiple entry points. These online products include online reports, briefs, image galleries, slide shows, eNewsletters, as well as the continuing print issue.  

RBT+ represents the next evolution in this process.

RBT+ is a thematic digital magazine in a PDF format that will be available free to readers, who can immediately read it online or download it to one of their devices to read offline at their leisure. Each issue of RBT+ will focus on a specific issue important to the renal community. This focus allows each issue to delve deeper into these important topics and allows various points of view to emerge.

Each issue of RBT+ will be designed with the online or mobile device reader in mind. The text will be larger and the page design simplified. In addition, links embedded within the issue will bring readers elsewhere on the Web to provide an immersive experience.

The first issue of RBT+ will launch in December 2011 with a focus on technology, which includes hardware and software that can be used by renal professionals in their personal and working lives. RBT+ will cover Disaster Preparedness in January 2012, Home Dialysis in June 2012, Patient Comfort in August 2012, and ICD-10 Code Preparation in December 2012.

More important, the coverage of these important topics will not begin and end with each issue of RBT+. Throughout 2012, the topics covered in RBT+ will be integrated with our other online products to provide continued and deeper coverage in a variety of formats to help readers stay on top of these vital issues as easily and frequently as possible.

Please visit www.renalbusiness.com to access other great content on the site, such as reports, briefs, and downloads of RBT SlideShows.

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