Ambulatory Services of America Acquires Renal CarePartners


NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Ambulatory Services of America  and its subsidiary, Innovative Dialysis Systems, announced Dec. 1 that they have acquired Hollywood, Fla.-based Renal CarePartners.

After the acquisition, ASA, through Innovative Dialysis, will own interests in and provide management services to 62 dialysis programs in 13 states and the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico, serving more than 5,700 patients. 

"We became interested in Renal CarePartners as we learned about its physician-centered joint venture model, which is much like ours," said Timothy Martin, CEO of ASA and Innovative Dialysis.  "At Innovative Dialysis we prefer to operate in joint ventures with physician partners, so nephrologists can take the lead on providing high-quality care to patients with ESRD and we can support them by taking care of the business aspects of running dialysis facilities.  We look forward to working with the staff at Renal CarePartners as well as their physician partners."

Renal CarePartners currently owns interests in and manages 17 dialysis centers in eight states and the territory of Puerto Rico, providing care to approximately 1,100 patients.  It also operates two staff-assisted home hemodialysis programs and an acute dialysis program providing services to nine hospitals. 

Renal CarePartners is also in the final stages of opening two additional centers. ASA did not disclose the terms of the transaction.

"We have spent the last nine years working to build strong relationships with our physician partners while providing excellent care to our patients," said Orestes Lugo, CEO of Renal CarePartners.  "Over that period, we have grown to provide care to almost 1,100 patients currently.  We are confident that ASA and Innovative Dialysis will continue this model and build on our legacy.  We look forward to working with them to provide high-quality care for our patients and great service to our physician partners."

Ambulatory Services of America, headquartered in Brentwood, Tenn., is a diversified healthcare services company that provides alternative site services in partnership with physicians.  ASA, through its subsidiaries Innovative Dialysis Systems and Radiation Oncology Services of America, Inc. owns, operates and manages facilities providing dialysis services and radiation oncology services. 

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