Children's Nephrology Dept Gains Recognition


HOUSTON—During the 32nd Annual Conference on Dialysis (ADC) held which started Sunday in San Antonio, recognized physicians, researchers and a nurse from the Renal Center at Texas Children's Hospital in Huston.

The conference, sponsored by the University of Missouri-Columbia, convened an international group of thousands of practitioners and researchers to discuss current developments in the field of renal replacement therapies. It addressed developments in the field of dialysis including established strategies and trends in the management of the services required by pediatric and adult dialysis patients.

The Renal Center at Texas Children's Hospital ranked #5 in kidney disorders by U.S.News & World Report received numerous accolades at this conference. Two researchers from Texas Children's Hospital received "Best Pediatric Abstracts" honors, a nephrology fellow was selected as one of three to present a challenging case for "Stump the Consultants" during the conference and a highly experienced Texas Children's Hospital nephrology nurse was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award in Nephrology Nursing."

"I want to congratulate these individuals on their awards and achievements garnered at the conference," said Dr. Michael Braun, chief of nephrology at Texas Children's Hospital and professor in the department of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine. "These honors underscore the talent and dedication in the Renal Center at Texas Children's and I am honored to be working with such an impressive and dedicated team."

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