Kidney Disease Book Release


MADISON, Wis.—A new book called Help, I Need Dialysis! will be available for those in some way affected by kidney disease this March.

One out of Nine Americans have CKD and learning about the disease is an important factor of keeping the problem under control. Each year, more than 100,000 patients start dialysis without really knowing how it works. The book by Dori Schatell, MS, and John Agar MD, dives into dialysis and explains why more is better, how it works and everything in between.  The book includes chapters on symptoms, how to cope with crisis, the six different types of kidney disease, choosing a dialysis clinic and much more.

"Facing kidney failure can be terrifying," explains Schatell, "and knowing about all of the treatment options empowers people to make choices that will let them live as fully as possible. Most people on dialysis in the US (92 percent) use just one option: standard in-center hemodialysis —even though just 6 percent of nephrologists would choose it for themselves. Dr. Agar and I wanted to write a book that would provide life-saving information about dialysis options and lifestyle for those who need it."

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