High Cut-Off Hemodialysis Improves Kidney Function


GERMANY—Results of a recent small study indicated that high cut-off hemodialysis combined with chemotherapy may help restore kidney function in multiple myeloma patients with as serious form of kidney failure called acute kidney injury (AKI).

In addition, the researchers found that myeloma patients were more likely to recover kidney function if they received treatment soon after their kidneys began to fail.

Based on these results, Dr. Katja Weisel, one of the study investigators from the University of Tübingen, recommends that patients with dialysis-dependent acute kidney injury be treated as soon as possible in order to maximize their recovery potential.

“If dialysis-dependency lasts for more than three to five weeks, irreversible structural damage will occur in the kidney and the potential for kidney recovery is small,” Dr. Weisel told The Beacon. “With this knowledge, any effort should be undertaken early to diagnose and treat underlying causes of acute kidney injury.”

“We recommend that patients should immediately be seen by both a hematologist and a nephrologist [kidney specialist] to rapidly initiate chemotherapeutic treatment and optimize kidney protection. High cut-off hemodialysis might be an important tool in this setting,” she added.

These findings are being confirmed in an ongoing clinical trial in Europe.

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