New DiaSource Solution Introduced for Dialysis Cost Containment


DALLAS— American CareSource Holdings, Inc. today introduced its new DiaSource solution for containment of dialysis costs. The solution is from Ancillary Care Services (ACS), the leading national network of ancillary healthcare providers and a wholly owned subsidiary of American CareSource.

For self-insured employers, the cost to cover kidney disease treatment is significant. Through the DiaSource suite of services, employers can access the DiaSource high-performance network (HPN) — a network of dialysis providers that have agreed to low, competitive rates. The patient’s dialysis costs are covered at 100 percent, and the employer has low predictable costs throughout the course of treatment.

In addition to the network of service providers, employers receive member education resources, screening services and individual disease management programs designed to maximize the quality care provided while helping to contain its costs. These value-added services are provided at no additional cost to DiaSource clients.

ACS conceived the DiaSource solution by analyzing the needs of self-insured employers and recognizing the need to combat high dialysis costs. After a significant development period, the solution is already helping one patient in Texas, with annualized savings to the employer projected to exceed $250,000. ACS worked with The Plexus Groupe, an independent, privately owned national insurance brokerage firm, and its client, an employer group. One of the group’s members is now receiving dialysis through a provider in the DiaSource high-performance network.

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