NephLink: The Online Physician Community for Kidney Patient Care


DENVER—DaVita announced the launch of NephLink , a new online physician community for kidney care.

NephLink is designed to allow physicians to discuss difficult patient cases or practice-management issues, share best practices and ideas, and debate the evolving health care landscape. NephLink provides physicians with direct access to their colleagues to engage and collaborate as a group —or one-on-one—with self-service privacy controls.

NephLink is a primary resource for nephrologists, but is also designed to connect all physicians serving kidney patients, including vascular surgeons and internists.

“NephLink is designed for the entire kidney care physician community to collaborate on difficult cases, share resources and best practices, and break down walls that prevent communication and collaboration,” said Dr. Allen Nissenson, MD, FACP, editor-in-chief of NephLink and chief medical officer at DaVita. “We hope that NephLink may help the entire kidney care community achieve improved clinical outcomes for their patients.”

In addition to providing tools to connect and collaborate, NephLink provides access to news, journals, events and resources from many kidney care news syndicates and journal publishers.

“I think NephLink offers virtually unlimited possibilities for the entire physician community to keep up with the latest clinical and policy developments and connect with each other on a professional level,” said Dr. Mark Kaplan, co-editor of NephLink and vice president of medical affairs at DaVita. “I see NephLink helping us tear down some of the artificial boundaries between physicians and supporting meaningful conversations with new and old colleagues.”

Self-service privacy controls allow physicians registered on NephLink to exercise control over posted content that they share publicly. NephLink is powered by OzmosisESP, a care-collaboration platform used exclusively by hospital systems and health care organizations, and there is no cost to join the community or access any of the content available on NephLink.

To register for NephLink, any licensed physician can register at A brief online tour of NephLink is available at

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