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JACKSONVILLE, Fla.—As of today, there is more than one million Kenyans who suffer from kidney disease. There are less than 100 working dialysis machines in the country. Most of the patients in Kenya with end-stage kidney failure either do not have access to a dialysis clinic or they cannot afford to go to the very few available dialysis clinics (which are less than 10) since they are very expensive.

The most affected are those in remote areas and smaller towns all over Kenya. The main causes of kidney disease in Kenya are mainly hypertension and diabetes. Kenya also suffers from acute shortage of kidney specialists with one nephrologist catering for a 100,000 people. There is urgent need to train more kidney specialists and renal nurses to cater for the increasing number of patients in the country.

The goal of Kijiji International is to work with Bridge of Life, a U.S. nonprofit to bring high quality at a subsidized cost to kidney care services to Kenyans suffering from renal failure. Kijiji International is a 501c3 certified nonprofit organization registered in Florida and therefore any donations to Kijiji can be claimed as a tax write-off.

We have already received a donation from Bridge of Life of 14 dialysis machines, dialysis chairs, a water treatment unit and several dialysis medical supplies. Kijiji has also already found a location where they plan to set up the dialysis clinic in one of the remote towns in Kenya called Naivasha. They need your help and support as they need $20,000 to help with the build out, location rental, payroll, training, awareness campaign, etc. Thank you for your support! Please click here to make a donation

For more information please contact:

Martin Kabaki

Communications Director

Kijiji International


Tel: (904) 554 1073

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