Help, I Need Dialysis! Now Available as E-book


MADISON, Wis. Help, I Need Dialysis! is now available as an e-book for $8.99 from Amazon and the iTunes Bookstore.

"This book improves quality of life for anyone who faces kidney failure," said Dori Schatell  Medical Education Institute executive director and co-author. "It is also helpful for renal professionals who want to learn about the lifestyle impact of each type of dialysis."

The paperback book can be ordered from for $14.99 plus shipping.

Fantastic Reviews

Readers of Help, I Need Dialysis! praise it as comprehensive, factual, and patient-oriented.

"Patients, caregivers, and medical providers should be required to read this book at least five days within starting dialysis, but preferably way before," Clareen Erickson, dialysis care partner said

All-on-one dialysis options resource

Help, I Need Dialysis! explains all of the dialysis options and how a choice of treatment will affect many aspects of daily life.

"It's a new way of talking about treatment options," said Schatell. "But it's what people really need to know!"

The book includes chapters about coping with crisis, how dialysis works, the six types of dialysis, and much more. All of the information has been thoroughly researched and reviewed by patients, care partners and medical professionals, making the book a must-read for anyone facing the life-changing decisions that come with kidney failure and an essential tool for renal professionals who want to be able to accurately educate their patients.

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