Chapion Chair Marks 20 Years of Growth


ELKHART, Ind.—Champion Manufacturing is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a medical seating manufacturer with an outstanding record of growth to become a market leader in medical recliners.

“What’s really remarkable is that a number of our leadership team members go back to the company’s start two decades ago,” said company General Manager Doug Keeslar. “That’s the kind of commitment, continuity and corporate memory that is tremendously valuable in what we do today. It also says a lot about the bonds we’ve developed over the years as a team.”

When it began in 1992, Champion saw an opportunity in the health care industry. The company developed a recliner for health care seating and quickly established a foothold in this market.

Champion’s dynamic growth, market strength and quality product line caught the attention of Invacare Inc., one of the world’s largest medical equipment companies. Invacare purchased Champion in 2004. Champion’s small-company nimbleness in responding to market needs was now backed by the resources of a large, multinational company.

Its superior products, diverse sales structure, and significant resources helped Champion weather the recent economic downturn without a reduction in employment.  In fact, Champion has continued to grow its sales and product offering, which now features a broad line of patient recliner models along with task seating and sleeper chairs. Champion also manufactures an “unmatched” range of seating accessories, as well as specialized wheelchairs sold through Invacare.

Keeslar, who took the company helm in 2004, said, “it’s been quite a thrill to see all the growth we’ve had and things we’ve accomplished over the last 20 years. That we’ve gone from being a small seating manufacturer to a company that has product in nearly every healthcare community in the U.S., and in many countries, is a tribute to the innovative, dependable and quality products we continue to bring to market.”

Champion is currently anticipating future growth with plans for manufacturing expansion. For more information about Champion and its products, visit

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