Proceeds from KidneyDiet App Help Send Children to Camp


ENCINO, Calif.— KidneyDiet announces that beginning today a percentage of all sales will be donated to help children with kidney disease be able to enjoy a weekend at camp. Pain Free Living, Inc., in supporting The Lopez Foundation’s Kidney & Transplant Camps, will allocate a percentage of all sales for one month of its app to help patients with renal disease follow a better diet, tailored for those watching their intake of phosphorus, potassium, protein, sodium, and fluids.

The camp provides children with kidney disease and their families with an empowering, renewing experience completely free of charge.

 “Every purchase of KidneyDiet (yeah, there’s an app for that) will help give these children the gift of a lifetime – a gift of laughter, fun, and personal growth that they may otherwise not experience,” said George Lopez, entertainer and founder of The Lopez Foundation.

The Kidney and Transplant Camp which The Lopez Foundation supports, seeks to reach beyond illness, to inspire children with serious medical conditions to become their greater selves and their mission is to provide a life-changing environment for these children and their families– one that allows children to participate in an authentic camp experience by supporting their medical needs and offers their families care, education, and respite.

“I would have loved to have an app to help me figure out what I should and shouldn’t eat when my kidneys were failing,” said Lopez. “KidneyDiet is a great tool that makes it easy for patients and their families to understand what’s safe or dangerous to eat.”

Pain Free Living, Inc. produced KidneyDiet with patients in mind.

“We want those with chronic kidney disease to get back to enjoying life by eating properly for their condition,” said Lynne Sanditen, founder of KidneyDiet.

If patients understand how to stay away from phosphorus, potassium, or sodium, they empower themselves to eat foods that won’t increase the deterioration of their kidneys. If dialysis has begun and they need to increase protein in their diets or limit fluids, the app helps track that information, too. The most beneficial part of the app comes when patients modify the guidelines to reflect what their doctor and dietician advise. Then the app is tailored for their specific situation.

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