MEI Offers Free Mini-Movie on Fluids for Dialysis Patients


MADISON, Wisc.—A new three minute multi-media movie called Let's Talk About...Fluids is now available in English and Spanish free from the Medical Education Institute's Life Options website ( and the Intermountain ESRD Network 15 website (

About the movie

"We created this short, high-impact message to help dialysis patients understand why it is so important to manage fluids," explained MEI Executive Director Dori Schatell.

The movie quickly and graphically addresses:

  • How healthy kidneys keep body fluids in balance
  • Why kidney failure causes fluid balance problems
  • The serious health risks of fluid overload
  • How to manage fluid intake to avoid complications

Dialysis professionals can use the movie to start a conversation with patients who may be having problems with fluid management. This movie is the third in a series of Let's Talk About... mini-movies available free from MEI, and was a joint project of the MEI and the Intermountain ESRD Network 15.

Fluid Management Problems

"Fluid management problems are a leading cause of hospitalization and complications," noted Darlene Rodgers, executive director of the Intermountain ESRD Network 15. "When we looked at ways to help people avoid hospitalizations, we knew that better fluid management tools were high on the list."

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