Venous Needle Dislodgement in Dialysis Clinic Settings

Venous needle dislodgement (VND) occurs when a venous needle dislodges from a patient's vascular access during hemodialysis treatment. This report discusses VND severity and presents best practices and other solutions to mitigate this important issue, which is responsible for serious injury and mortality among dialysis patients.

  • Presents and discusses severity of VND
  • Discusses ramifications to patients, health care workers, and facilities
  • Presents best practices and solutions to mitigate VND

About the Author

Michael Morales, CHT, CCHT-A, CCNT, CBNT, is CEO of Dialysis Education Services, an interdisciplinary dialysis education facility in Bellflower, Calif. Grace Padilla-Kastenberg, MPH, is president of Marea Enterprises Inc., a public health medical device company focused on healthcare and patient safety issues headquartered in Thousand Oaks, Calif.