Six Steps to Email marketing Success for Your e-Commerce Business

There are a variety of ways to market your products on the Internet, but perhaps the most effective is with email marketing. Often called list marketing too, this form of Internet marketing can bring a large increase in sales. The trick is knowing how to go about it. The following are six steps to give yourself the best chance of success.

Obtain a list for your email campaign

This is the toughest part of email marketing. You need to have a list of names and emails of people who are interested in the products you are selling. Once you have this list, everything else becomes easier. There are two ways to get a list. Once this is done, you can start an email marketing campaign.

Make your own list  

Basically, you have to advertise using a splash page. This is a page that is geared, not to sell, but to captivate the interest of a person, so they will want more information. Often a good Internet marketing technique is to offer a free eBook or other valuable gift related to your product. Naturally, they will need to provide their name and email address. Once you have a large enough list, you can begin your first email campaign, then you are ready for the next step. Although making your list will usually create a quality group of names that will lead to sales, on the negative side, it takes time to produce this list.

Buy your list

This is, without a doubt, the fastest way to obtain the list. You save the time and money on advertising, but at the same time, you never really know how good the list will be. You will have to narrow down the exact target market you are looking for, and then sample the list with a small campaign before you buy a larger list.

Write your email letter

You will want to write a good cover letter that is meant to sell your products. You already know that a large percentage of people on your list are interested in your product; it is now only a matter of converting these names to sales. This is the essence of sales: taking a list of good leads and getting a prospective customer to make the purchase. Once you have your cover letter and your email list, you will be ready to send out your emails.

Using a service for sending emails in mass

There are many email marketing campaign services that will take your list and cover letter and do the work of sending out all of these emails. It is possible to do this work yourself, but it is time consuming and you will need software to do it. There is also a learning curve associated with any new software. The best course of action is simply to hire an email list company to do this for you.

A new list generated from your first list

In time, you will begin to sell your products. This creates a new list. Your first list is of all prospective customers. These are people who have expressed an interest in your product. The second list is all of the people who have purchased from you. In short, your customer list. This type of list is gold. People who have purchased from you are likely to purchase again. Repeat customers are the foundation for a successful business.






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