Creative Holiday Packaging Tips for Small Businesses

If you run or operate a small business, the holidays are the perfect time to market and sell your products. And when it comes down to it, the packaging that your product comes in is your greatest selling vehicle. Studies have shown that people – despite the mantra that they shouldn’t – mostly judge a book by its cover. When it comes to your product having salability, this can be a good thing, because you can have the power to stand out from all the other “stuff” on the shelf. However, as a small business, it can be hard to have the same financial power as a bigger business when it comes to packaging, which is why it is so important to get creative. Here are some creative holiday packaging tips for small businesses.

Packaging Tips For one, nothing helps a product sell better these days than reusable or sustainable packaging. When it comes down to it, wrapping your product in recycled paper or cardboard can also be a big selling point, because your business isn’t complicit in the blatant destruction of tree forests. At the end of the day, people want to feel positive about the products they purchase and about the materials the company uses to package those products.

Another thing you may want to think about is giving your packaging some kind of utilitarian purpose. Many of the most famous products have packaging that serves a function. For instance, some packaging can be used to consume or operate the product – or the packaging can serve as some kind of permanent storage device, or even a keepsake that you want to hold on to for a long time. Adding this kind of functionality to your packaging can give more value to your product and consumers will feel like they are getting much more bang for their buck.

Next, you could also go for the rough-hewn, homespun look, which often catches people’s eye. For instance, Royco Packaging Inc. has some great packaging materials that will give your products a rough look that will connote old world product quality. While all the other products on the shelves have sleek, modern computer generated graphics – you want to use more handmade methods. For instance, you could scan your own handwriting and incorporate some artistic elements in your packaging. Next to all the loud colors on the shelf, your product will certainly stand out for its originality, which people will undoubtedly appreciate.

Lastly, you may also want to let your product’s packaging tell consumers a little bit about your product. Most products on the proverbial shelf have a mysterious function based on first impression of its packaging. However, you may want to explain what your product is – how it is used, its history and how it can be a meaningful part of your life – on the actual packaging. By giving a little more transparency to your product’s packaging, it may also increase your product’s marketability. At the end of the day, people don’t want to do the research and they don’t want to ask a bunch of questions about a certain product. What they really want is for the product answer all the questions for them. Add a little more transparency to your product’s packaging and you will see a big spike in sales.