New mobile tech that could change your life for the better

Mobile tech is constantly evolving, all you have to do is look back to ten years ago and consider just how much the smartphone itself has evolved – from the humble Nokia 3310 (oh, how we miss that Snake game) to the newly launched iPhone 6 (wait, didn’t they bring a new one out just a few months ago?)

Our phones are now essential gadgets for use in our everyday lives, we use them to stay in touch with people, keep ourselves entertained, source information and find our way when we are lost.

Whether you’re a business using a mobile marketing service provider, such as Global Messaging, to gain more customers, or studying for your final exams and asking Siri to bring up information for you when revising, smartphones are diverse mini machines and the tech to accompany them is advancing everyday to help you out.

If you’re looking for the latest equipment to change your life for the better, look no further than our quick guide to the latest tech available, that you can take out with you…

Wearable tech

Since Google brought out their Google Glass product many brands have been itching to compete. While the mainstream customer hasn’t embraced Google Glass yet (mainly due to its price) it is still an innovative bit of kit that could come in handy on a day-to-day basis.

Designed for people who are always on the move, Glass lets you search Google on the move, as well as offering the ability to instantly share images and videos on your social networks out and about.

Features such as Field Trip include a tour guide, talking into your ear, about your location, while the Navigation feature keeps you updated when it comes to public transport. Google Glass is innovative because it works through voice instruction and shows you all your information on a small screen, viewable in your peripheral vision.

Apple is now attempting to compete, with its latest piece of tech, the Apple Watch. This isn’t a mini iPhone but a fun way of monitoring your activity throughout the day, quickly sending messages, viewing images and making calls whilst on the go –basically so you don’t have to rummage in your bag for your phone when it comes to the basic stuff. They look pretty cool as well.

Stay healthy with apps

There are a huge number of apps out there to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun at the same time. It’s definitely satisfying when you complete your run and take a look at all the stats, which usually include distance, speed and calories burned. You always feel a real sense of achievement when you beat your last set of stats and it spurs you on to exercise again.

A great app to try if you like to keep entertained while exercising is the Zombies, Run! game. The app involves you listening to a story-based mission, involving zombies and voice recordings telling you what to do and what is happening.

It’s nerve racking but fun and you must increase your speed to get away from zombie hordes, so it’s a great way of getting the heart racing as the groans of the undead get louder if you don’t move quick enough. As you play out a mission you pick up items, which can then be used to improve your ‘base’ after your run, so there’s another element to the game.

When it comes to healthy living there are even apps which monitor your sleep, to ensure you are getting a beneficial amount and also gently wake you up in the morning. Try out the Sleep Cycle app and record how good a night’s sleep you had. It works by monitoring your movements in the night and creates a graph, showing when you were in light sleep and deep sleep and how long it took you to drift off – which is always surprisingly quick, even though it can feel like forever some nights!

A combination of the two

Fitbit combines wearable tech with healthy living, it works as a wearable wristband which measures your distance travelled throughout the day, calories burnt and steps taken and then compiles all this data into easy to read information, on a downloadable app or online.

The Nike+ app, plus its heart rate monitor, is also a winning combo, great for serious runners and athletes, as it charts everything you would ever need to know whilst out on a jog, so you can see what you need to work on to improve your time and pace in future.

There’s plenty of mobile tech to improve your life out there, so get on your app store or online and get tech’d up!






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