Easy Ways to Make Your Business More Attractive to Recent MBA Grads

Despite the fact that unemployment is still high, giving employers the upper hand when it comes to finding qualified candidates for hire, you may find that your business is having trouble attracting the MBA grads needed to ensure future successes. Even if you’re on the prowl for recent graduates with a master’s degree in business administration, rather than seasoned veterans with years of experience under their belts, you might find that you just can’t seem to nab the best and brightest as they exit the collegiate environment, diploma in hand. And the reason could be that your competitors are simply providing better employment offers than you. However, there are several ways you can make your company more attractive to recent MBA grads seeking their first job. Here are a few strategies that should help you to get the workers you need to move your company forward.

MBAThe main selling point for any job is the salary. After all, the contract agreed to in any employer-employee relationship revolves around the job that is being offered and the pay that’s provided as compensation. So you need to offer a salary that is at least competitive within your industry for the type of position being advertised. That said, you may not be able to outbid other businesses that are larger, better staffed, and have more revenue and capital overall. But even if you can’t afford to provide the best salary in the industry, there are still ways you could attract the right candidates when you’re seeking recent MBA graduates for hire.

Benefits are an excellent way to boost the appeal of an otherwise middling salary package. If you can offer employees the chance for affordable medical, dental, and vision coverage for themselves and their families, you may just sweeten the pot enough that a lower salary doesn’t detract from the appeal of the job. Of course, there are all kinds of other bonuses you might throw in, as well. Access to a company car or free passes for mass transit might appeal to those who have the expense of a long commute to contend with, and the opportunity to work remotely at least part-time (i.e. telecommute from home) could also catch the attention of candidates. You could also provide a cafeteria, a gym, and other campus-like facilities that recent grads may find attractive.

Other selling points that could tip the scales in your favor are better titles, a more prestigious resume entry, or opportunities for speedy advancement. When you can’t throw money at the recent MBA grads you want to hire, your best bet may be to appeal to their interest in planning a career path. A higher-level title could compensate for lower pay because it will lead to a much better salary if and when an employee moves to another company. And if you have a prestigious name within your industry, or your clients are big names, employment with your company could definitely flesh out a lackluster resume As for advancement opportunities, the appeal here is obvious. So whether you’re interviewing applicants from Harvard Business School or online programs offered by http://www.onlinemba.umd.edu, you need to find ways to ensure that your offer for employment is at least as attractive as your competitors’, even if that means getting creative with the package you’re willing to provide.






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